Ghanaian-own Digital Transportation Solution Company Launched with GPRTU

A Ghanaian-Own Digital Transportation Solution Company called “Enshika” has been launched in Accra under the theme: “GPRTU ride with Enshika, Zero commission with Enshika.”

The Digital company has partnered the Ghana Private and Road Transport Union (GPRTU) to launch an app called ENSHIKA to make work easy for Taxi drivers and Riders.

ENSHIKA is a Ga term meaning “my money.” and as the name goes the digital guru has as well  partnered some insurance companies to deliver cutting-edge insurance policies for beneficiary drivers under its auspices:

An Officer of the digital drive, Ebenezer Osei outlined the company’s insurance policies as follow:

In the event of accident; motors insurance is 25%–of total of loss or cost– to be absorbed by ENSHIKA.

Under life cover; drivers nuclear families of at most four children are covered too.

Up to 7000 Cedis treatment bill for sick drivers will be catered for by the company; below the amount, the digital hub will still pay but the difference is never given to the victim-driver.

For the whole year if a driver did not fall sick or get accident, the amount is squashed and the process starts afresh.

Also, in case of temporal disability; victim  is entitled to an amount up to 4900 cedis.

In addition, in the event of critical illness, a victim-driver  will receive up to 3900cedis.

One significant difference the new technology has over its competitors is that one can use a non-smart phone (yam) to download the app. Dial *711*711# to download it.

The technological company makes it possible for driver–captains to save more and have a very low cost of living while driving.

Apart from providing the short term and promotional benefit, it helps prepare a future package to make life comfortable.

The only charge the company is taking from the captains is 2.50 p which can be paid daily, weekly or monthly, but non captains–drivers who are not registered with the GPRTU–will pay 21cedis each day.

The company takes security seriously; in case of emergency the SOS can be used to call the police or fire-service.

The Chairman of the occasion, Dr. Tetteh Nettey said that the company had come to make captains to take pride in their chosen profession.

The Group Chairman, Dr. Tetteh Nettey

Enshika pledged to work with GPRTU who have the equipment such the taxis but without the technology to make the work easy for them.

Industrial Relation Officer of the GPRTU, Abbas Ibrahim Moro promised they were going to support think-and thin the new transport technological evolution.

“we have the technical know-how and they have the digital technology and so have to work together smoothly.”  The world is changing. We are now in a digital world and we have to chase whatever developments which come along the way and we are fully in support of it.” the Industrial Officer stressed.

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