‘Enshika’ launches transport app that operates without internet

As part of preparations towards Christmas, a Ghanaian digital transport service provider, Enshika, has launched its operations in Accra, today, November 22, 2018. 

At the official launch of operations at the Accra mall, Enshika assured customers that its services would be based on the principle of having an ‘unending journey’ which will remain even after the ride has ended. 

According to managers of the app, Enshika, unlike other competitors will integrate traditional (local) taxis unto the app and afford riders who would be called ‘Enshikans’ the opportunity to choose their preferred packages from a plethora of riding options, including self-driving. 

The uniqueness of the app, CEO Mr. Deepak Sachdeva maintained, is in the fact that traditional or local taxis can also use it; giving customers the opportunity to choose and book either a private car or a local taxi.

CEO Mr. Deepak Sachdeva

Country manager of the app, Ebenezer Osei, on his part added that, “Enshika is not only a transport app but a life style app due to it features including; a real tracking feature, customer feedback and SOS, Ghana Post integration and data free services amongst several others.” 

Country Manager ,Mr. Ebenezer Osei

Mr. Osei was confident of customers’ satisfaction and comfortability considering the app is the first among already existing ones to use the Ghana Post Digital address system and operate regardless of the availability of internet connection or a smart phone.

“Enshika is a user friendly digital transport app and even without internet connection or a smart phone, accessibility is guaranteed”, he stated.

Enshika is currently in talks to expand its presence in Africa “and shall continue to thrust its presence with its Unique, Innovative and Continual offerings with the aim of providing inclusive growth for all its partners.” 

Member of Parliament for the OkaiKwei South constituency and the Board chairman for MMT, Ahmed Arthur who chaired the program, admonished managers of the app to put proper checks and balances in place to check against recalcitrant drivers (Captains) who would abuse the numerous benefits of the app. 

In his submission he also posited that, for the app to be fully relevant to the Ghanaian society, innovators “should organize periodic training sessions to brief drivers on the updates of app” 

Meanwhile, over the past few years, Ghana has been hit with a number of online digital transport providers including Taxify and Uber who are making at least 15 million rides world wide everyday. With this in mind, Enshika remains optimistic about their future, maintaining that, it is an improvement on all the other existing online digital transport apps

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